30 May 2013

When Yunho interacts with women

Someone who claim himself as the youngest, smartest and tallest one
He didn't talk too much
but every words which come out from his mouth...
we should put attention on it

Yunho is really handsome
before debut or after debut, He didn't changed so much
it's just His teeth

The girls are not fans of course
they are celebrities or girls who work in entertainment industry
so that they could approach Yunho

just take a look
what kind of swarms of bees that Changmin had talking about

in a music awards ...
the leader looks so boring.... I can't blame Changmin.. but.. poor Yunho

here we go

They're preety and sexy
but Yunho is not interested at all

at press conference of Yawang
give attention on that lady's hand
and how's  is Yunho's reaction
although Yunho smile but He seems didn't like it
that lady so flirty.. She kissed Jae before in Jackal movie...
and he got to squeeze Yunho's butt in Yawang
how could she smiles so flirty like that to Yunnie

at Evisu photshot..
the girl lean back on Yunho's shoulder
slowly but sure... Yunho is getting away from the girl


there's one person who got Yunho's attention...
there's one person who got Yunho's smile...
there's one person who will make Yunho looks stupid
because Yunnie Bear's Heart has taken since 2006